Carmelite Missionaries of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

RM Teresa of the Divine Heart

Was born on November 6, 1879 in Mexico City and received the sacrament of confirmation on July 15, 1880 in the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption (Metropolitan Sanctuary).

On June 13, 1897, at the age of 18, Teresa received the habit of the congregation of "Daughters of Immaculate Mary of Guadalupe" and on December 12, 1898 made her temporal profession. Later she carried out her apostolate as a Literature teacher and spiritual assistant for the schoolgirls.  On January 12, 1905 she took her Perpetual Vows, but on June 12, 1908 she received a dispensation of her religious vows.


On March 18 she took the habit of the Congregation of "Sisters Josefinas of Mexico", and on March 17 of the following year she made her religious profession.
After a long and painful search, she retired permanently from the Congregation of Hermanas Josefinas in August 1936.


On August 14, 1940 she met with R. Fray Bernardo de Santa María O.C.D., and both share their desire, effort and hope to glorify God, and this is how the Congregation of "Carmelite Missionaries of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus" was born.  Mother Teresa began a new journey under the wise and experienced guidance of Fr. Bernardo de Santa María. Thus, they begin formation of the first Missionaries of the Order with all of their dedication and commitment.

On September 10th of that same year, Teresa concludes the procedures previously initiated by Fray Bernardo for the transfer of the new Order to the City of Cholula, Puebla.  He also celebrated the golden anniversary of his religious consecration there.  Later, in the interest of better preparation for the members of the congregation, he moved the order to the city of Puebla to the house of  "El Calvario" where he concluded his pilgrimage on earth.

Having realized the Mission that the Lord had entrusted to her, Reverend Mother Teresa was called to the Kingdom of the Father on March 7th, 1950 to receive the reward for her hard work and sacrifices, leaving her little daughters only with the best protection - that of God and of Mother, Queen of Carmel.

On December 30, 1995, her remains were taken from the Temple of Carmen in the Puebla to the Chapel of the central house of the congregation from where she watches over her daughters and walks with them on their pilgrimage of service towards eternity.

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